Jenny & Mark beautiful wedding on the Noosa River

Have a beautiful wedding on the Sunshine Coast!

The Noosa River is a wonderful place to be at the best of times. However, when you decide to have your wedding on the lovely banks of the river it is amazing. Jenny and Mark were that lucky and chose Culgoa Point Resort as their location to make that lifetime promise. It was a beautiful autumn day in Queensland and you could not have asked for more. There was plenty of nerves and excitement on the day. There was a bit of stress when the one of the suit bags had only the jackets. Luckily it was realised early enough to pick up the missing trousers and shirt.

Travelling to the reception in style in style

I loved it that the guest were taken to the reception on a boat. Can you believe it, on a bout of all things. What better way to see the beauty of the Noosa River. The other thing I loved was Jenny and Mark's wonderfully unique wedding cake. Dark and white chocolate but not in your traditional tears. It looked like a delightful piece of art crowned with chocolate roses.

When the sunset is just perfect

How can you not be in love when the sunset is just perfect. 

Sunset Wedding Kiss

Samantha and Ian’s wonderful sunrise wedding at Branell Homestead

The alarm was set for 3am on the shortest day of the year. The occasion? "Married at first light" A brainstorm by a local radio station in Brisbane who thought it would be a great idea to have the wedding ceremony as the sun broke the horizon. Thinking back it was a wonderful and lovely time to have a wedding. Any discomfort forgotten as the celebrant did what he did best at this sunrise wedding. Ian looked smart and probably too nervous to feel the cold. Sam, the beautiful bride, looked beautiful in her gorgeous wedding dress bathed in the morning light.